A Doll's House Character Descriptions

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Nora Helmer

This character is sensitive, sensible, and completely unaware of any self-worth until the last act of the play. Initially appearing flighty and excitable, this character is most concerned with being the charming and perfect spouse. This person is also secretive, forging a signature on a loan and lying about the source of the money, the household accounts, and taking odd jobs to earn extra money.

Torvald Helmer

This character is a smug lawyer and bank manager who represents the prevailing social structure. This reserved, conservative person establishes rules for the person's spouse, such as no eating of macaroons, which are sometimes petty and demeaning, wants to control passion, and rewards subservient behavior.

Nils Krogstad

This character is desperate and so initially appears to be a villain; in fact, this character has been trying to make up for earlier mistakes. This person has also been disappointed in...

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