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Act 1 Part 1

• Nora comes home from Christmas shopping and Torvald chides her for being a spendthrift.
• Torvald has been promoted to manager of the bank which means no more financial worries after his first paycheck next quarter.
• Torvald gives Nora extra money for household expenses and talks happily of tonight's Christmas Eve, reminding Nora how she locked herself away to make gifts last Christmas, only to have them destroyed.
• Two guests arrive, an unexpected stranger named Mrs. Linde, and the expected family friend Doctor Rank.

Act 1 Part 2

• Mrs. Linde is Nora's childhood friend Christine, who has been widowed and worked to support her now deceased mother and now grown brothers.
• Nora tells her friend that Torvald was ill and had to go away to Italy for a year to recover, lying that the money came from her father and then later confessing that she borrowed the money herself...

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