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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Max go when she leaves Victor?
(a) West coast to see the sea
(b) To Europe
(c) East coast to see the sea
(d) To Canada

2. What does Victor want Gertie to do for him?
(a) Make him dinner
(b) Keep her kids far away from his kids and the Daly's kids
(c) Watch he and Max's children
(d) Carve a crucifix for his mother

3. What does Max ask for when he comes to Gertie?
(a) Lottery ticket
(b) A dream
(c) A place to stay
(d) A new husband

4. What does Clovis want Gertie to make Cassie do?
(a) Go to school regularly
(b) Stop talking to her imaginary friend
(c) Cleaning for the family and neighbors
(d) Cooking for the family

5. Into what interest has Clytie become absorbed?
(a) School plays
(b) Reuben's fights
(c) Radio dramas
(d) Clovis's work

6. Which of the following words does NOT describe how Clovis feels after he is beaten?
(a) Angry
(b) Obsessed
(c) Relieved
(d) Vengeful

7. How much does Mr. Anderson pay for the carving of the hen Gertie has done?
(a) $2.50
(b) $1.50
(c) $1
(d) $0.50

8. Whom does Gertie think beats up Clovis?
(a) Whit
(b) Joe
(c) Mr. Daly
(d) Joe's assistant

9. What does the train do to Cassie?
(a) Nothing, she is unharmed
(b) Cuts off her legs
(c) Cuts off her arms
(d) Crushes her chest

10. What does Maggie want to teach Gertie in order for her to fix her wooden statue?
(a) How to use the stove better
(b) How to knit
(c) How to do the laundry
(d) Where to shop for bargains

11. What happens to the union leader who wants to go on strike?
(a) Beaten Up
(b) Moved out of the country
(c) Killed
(d) Fired

12. What did Clytie feel left out about with her friends from school?
(a) Knowing movie stars
(b) Having enough money to pay for her share
(c) Keeping up-to-date with current fashions
(d) Having nice furniture and a nice house to live in

13. What causes tension within the apartment complex?
(a) Marital discord
(b) The carving business
(c) Constant fights among the children
(d) Labor relations

14. What does Mrs. Anderson complain about having to give up for her husband's career?
(a) Writing
(b) Drawing
(c) Sewing
(d) Painting

15. With what does Mr. Daly bully Enoch?
(a) Talk about religion
(b) Talk of stealing
(c) School threats
(d) Police calls

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does the youngest Meanwell girl talk?

2. Which power tool iss added to the jigsaw to increase efficiency at making the dolls?

3. What kind of scheme does Clovis blame for using Gertie's savings?

4. What makes the family turn into full production of making the dolls using the jigsaw in chapter 32?

5. Who leaves the complex in chapter 31?

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