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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Daly accuse Gertie of doing as she tries to take her child back in the house after the fight?
(a) Beating his wife
(b) Letting her child get away with everything
(c) Ignoring the facts before her face
(d) Giving her child a knife

2. What makes the family turn into full production of making the dolls using the jigsaw in chapter 32?
(a) Clovis is laid off
(b) To overcome Gertie's grief
(c) To pay Clovis's union dues
(d) To save money for Gertie's dream

3. With what does Mr. Daly bully Enoch?
(a) Talk of stealing
(b) Talk about religion
(c) Police calls
(d) School threats

4. Which of the following does not interrupt Gertie's dream?
(a) Callie Lou talking to Gertie
(b) The roar of a passing train
(c) Clytie who tells her the grocer is giving them credit
(d) Enoch asking for money to plant some grass and flowers

5. Which word best describes how injured Clovis is when he is beaten?
(a) Mortally
(b) Seriously
(c) Barely
(d) Critically

6. What does Enoch build with scrap lumber?
(a) Doghouse
(b) Fence
(c) Birdhouse
(d) Doll

7. Which of the following words best describes what the main activities were which filled Christmas Day for Gertie?
(a) Whining
(b) Arguing
(c) Laughing
(d) Playing

8. Which of the following terms best describes Gertie in Chapter 28?
(a) Grief stricken
(b) Relieved
(c) Morose
(d) Surprised

9. What does the train do to Cassie?
(a) Nothing, she is unharmed
(b) Cuts off her arms
(c) Cuts off her legs
(d) Crushes her chest

10. What kind of scheme does Clovis blame for using Gertie's savings?
(a) Unknown
(b) Kickback
(c) Corrupt
(d) Legal

11. What kinds of food does Mrs. Anderson feed her children which would upset her husband?
(a) Eggs and milk
(b) Candy and treats
(c) Pork products
(d) Fried foods

12. Whose kids' Christmas presents does Gertie allow to be hid in her house?
(a) No one's
(b) Maggie
(c) Sophronie
(d) Max

13. Why did Cassie's teacher say she sent the note home?
(a) Because Cassie was failing
(b) Because Cassie refused to eat
(c) Because Cassie needed help with her homework
(d) Because she thought Cassie was sad and withdrawn

14. How many children do the Dalys have before Mrs. Daly gives birth to the new baby girl?
(a) 5
(b) 8
(c) 3
(d) 2

15. What does Victor want Gertie to do for him?
(a) Keep her kids far away from his kids and the Daly's kids
(b) Watch he and Max's children
(c) Make him dinner
(d) Carve a crucifix for his mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Max go when she leaves Victor?

2. Where does Gertie want to take Cassie after she dies?

3. Which of the following best describes Flint?

4. To whom does the youngest Meanwell girl talk?

5. What type of fight do Gertie's children get into in chapter sixteen?

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