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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a climactic reversal of fortune?
(a) Gertie wondering where Clovis is and when she will be able to buy the Tipton Place
(b) Mother's manipulating Gertie into going into the city
(c) Cassie's difficulty learning to read
(d) Old John's preliminary agreement to sell the place

2. What does Gertie carve for Cassie on the walk to her parent's house?
(a) A small cat
(b) A small doll
(c) A small bird
(d) A small dog

3. Who does Gertie compare Henley to when describing him to Cassie?
(a) Gertie's father
(b) Clovis
(c) Jesus
(d) Gertie's mother

4. What is the family rule regarding Sundays?
(a) Never visit on this day
(b) Always go to church
(c) Always stay together
(d) No hunting

5. Which word does Gertie use to describe the type of carving Gertie does not do?
(a) Frivolous
(b) Impersonal
(c) Necessary
(d) Practical

6. Which character carves like Gertie does?
(a) Gertie's mother
(b) Cassie
(c) Callie Lou
(d) Gertie's father

7. What does Gertie dream of carving?
(a) A wooden cane
(b) A cradle
(c) A cane
(d) A man

8. Which of the following literary elements is not found in chapters six through nine?
(a) Conclusion
(b) Suspense
(c) Mini climax
(d) Mini plot

9. Which of the following is not something Gertie's mother talks about in the sitting room with Gertie?
(a) How proud she is of Gertie
(b) Disappointment in Gertie
(c) Ill health
(d) Faith in the Bible

10. Which of the following words describes Gertie's mother?
(a) Kind hearted
(b) Manipulative
(c) Loving
(d) Deceptive

11. Where does Gertie's mother say Henley is?
(a) In a better place
(b) Away on a trip
(c) Hell
(d) Heaven

12. Why does Gertie vomit?
(a) The unfamiliar feeling, sights and smells of the train
(b) Nerves from traveling with the children
(c) Did not want to go to Detroit
(d) Pregnancy

13. Which of the following terms best describes how the other children treated the one child who had difficulty reading?
(a) Angry
(b) Mocking
(c) Empathetic
(d) Sympathetic

14. Why are the children quarrelsome at the end of chapter five?
(a) They are tired
(b) They are afraid
(c) They are excited
(d) They are bored

15. Which of the following characters is the main character?
(a) Amos Nevels
(b) Gertie Nevels
(c) Cassie Nevels
(d) Clovis Nevels

Short Answer Questions

1. What besides a letter has Clovis sent to Gertie?

2. When does Clovis leave for his physical?

3. Which of the children has a similar dream to Gertie's of living on a farm?

4. Why are many of the women waiting in town?

5. How did Clovis get his job?

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