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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gertie leave many trees alone when she goes out for wood to make axe handles?
(a) To let them grow straight
(b) To protect the property
(c) To provide shade
(d) To use later to build a barn

2. Which of the children has difficulty reading?
(a) Reuben
(b) Clytie
(c) Enoch
(d) Cassie

3. Which of the following words best describes how Cassie feels about school?
(a) Fearful
(b) Excited
(c) Constant anticipation
(d) Disgusted

4. Where does Clovis want to take the children to go visiting?
(a) The neighbor's home
(b) To visit Amos in the clinic
(c) Gertie's parents
(d) Clovis' parents

5. Which of the following terms best describes how the other children treated the one child who had difficulty reading?
(a) Empathetic
(b) Mocking
(c) Angry
(d) Sympathetic

6. Where does Clytie think Clovis has gone?
(a) To war
(b) Left home
(c) To work in a factory
(d) Just to get his physical

7. Why does Gertie's mother say Gertie betrayed Clovis?
(a) She bought Tipton Place
(b) Gertie had an affair
(c) Gertie did not move immediately to Detroit
(d) Gertie is keeping his children from him

8. Who is Callie Lou?
(a) Invisible friend
(b) Gertie's sister
(c) Clovis's mother
(d) Daughter to Gertie

9. Whom is Clovis jealous of?
(a) Henley
(b) Gertie's father
(c) Meg
(d) Gertie

10. How was Gertie's brother killed?
(a) Disease
(b) Murder
(c) War
(d) Suicide

11. What does Mrs. Bales say she sees in the block of cherry wood?
(a) Nothing
(b) God
(c) A woman
(d) Christ

12. What is the family rule regarding Sundays?
(a) Always stay together
(b) No hunting
(c) Always go to church
(d) Never visit on this day

13. What animal did Reuben kill when hunting?
(a) Mountain lion
(b) Squirrel
(c) Bear
(d) Deer

14. What frightens Cassie while they are at Gertie's parent's house?
(a) Gertie's mother yelling
(b) Gertie's father's accident
(c) Henley's presence
(d) Gertie's crying

15. What does Gertie carve for Cassie on the walk to her parent's house?
(a) A small cat
(b) A small bird
(c) A small dog
(d) A small doll

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the children could be described using the term prissy?

2. How does Gertie handle the children's concerns that Clovis leaves without saying goodbye?

3. At the beginning of chapter five, why does Gertie awaken early?

4. Which of the following words best describes how Gertie feels once she is at the doctor's office?

5. What is Gertie doing when Old John comes to talk to her?

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