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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Gertie and the children travel?
(a) Car
(b) Truck
(c) Train
(d) Mule

2. Which of the following words describes Gertie's mother?
(a) Loving
(b) Kind hearted
(c) Deceptive
(d) Manipulative

3. What animal did Reuben kill when hunting?
(a) Deer
(b) Mountain lion
(c) Squirrel
(d) Bear

4. At the beginning of chapter five, why does Gertie awaken early?
(a) A dream about Henley
(b) Clovis wakes her up
(c) Noises outside
(d) The kids wake her up

5. Which of the children has a similar dream to Gertie's of living on a farm?
(a) Enoch
(b) Clytie
(c) Reuben
(d) Cassie

6. Where does Clytie think Clovis has gone?
(a) Left home
(b) To work in a factory
(c) Just to get his physical
(d) To war

7. What does Gertie have to help the children get into for their first day of school?
(a) Bookbags
(b) Snowsuits
(c) Uniforms
(d) Taxi cab

8. Who does Gertie compare Henley to when describing him to Cassie?
(a) Jesus
(b) Gertie's mother
(c) Clovis
(d) Gertie's father

9. Where do Gertie and the children move?
(a) Back to their original home
(b) Tipton Place
(c) Town
(d) Detroit

10. What does Gertie dream of carving?
(a) A cradle
(b) A wooden cane
(c) A cane
(d) A man

11. Which of the following words best describes how Gertie feels once she is at the doctor's office?
(a) Relieved
(b) Excited
(c) Afraid
(d) Happy

12. What does Gertie enjoy imagining?
(a) Henley still being alive
(b) Her life at Tipton Place
(c) Life after her children are grown
(d) Life for Clovis once he is in the Army

13. Why did Gertie go out to start the truck?
(a) Clovis wanted to kiss he children goodbye
(b) Clovis forgot his wallet upstairs
(c) Gertie wanted to get away from Clovis
(d) Clovis is unable to drive

14. How was Gertie's brother killed?
(a) Suicide
(b) War
(c) Disease
(d) Murder

15. Where does Gertie's mother say Henley is?
(a) Hell
(b) In a better place
(c) Away on a trip
(d) Heaven

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Gertie learn to read?

2. Where does Gertie move?

3. Why is Gertie traveling into town?

4. What does Henley leave to Gertie in his will?

5. How much does Gertie offer to pay the officer for the ride?

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