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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters is not a neighbor of Gertie's in Detroit?
(a) Maggie
(b) Sophronie
(c) Max
(d) Megan

2. What is the main character's life-long dream?
(a) To never have to work again
(b) To own her own farm
(c) To live near the beach
(d) To be wealthy

3. Who is Callie Lou?
(a) Daughter to Gertie
(b) Invisible friend
(c) Gertie's sister
(d) Clovis's mother

4. Which of the following is the best definition for tongue-tied?
(a) Unable to speak from shyness or embarrassment
(b) Tongue is to big for the mouth
(c) Mute
(d) Unwilling to speak due to orders or commands

5. What besides a letter has Clovis sent to Gertie?
(a) 60 dollars
(b) His shaving strop
(c) Keys to a new car
(d) Directions to come live with him

6. How does Gertie handle the children's concerns that Clovis leaves without saying goodbye?
(a) Tells them he was afraid to wake them up
(b) Tells them he kissed them before he left
(c) Tells them he hasn't left yet
(d) Tells them he is already on his way home

7. From what type of wood does she want to use to carve the man?
(a) Mahogany
(b) Maple
(c) Cherry
(d) Oak

8. Who tells Gertie that she cannot whip them as she threatened?
(a) Enoch
(b) Reuben
(c) Cassie
(d) Clytie

9. Who does Gertie's mother say leads Henley into heathenism?
(a) Gertie
(b) No one
(c) Clovis
(d) Gertie's father

10. What does Gertie enjoy imagining?
(a) Henley still being alive
(b) Life for Clovis once he is in the Army
(c) Her life at Tipton Place
(d) Life after her children are grown

11. What question does Gertie ask Joe?
(a) How much are the vegetables?
(b) How long would it take me to get home?
(c) Why doesn't your assistant speak English?
(d) How long did it take you to like your new life?

12. Whom is Clovis jealous of?
(a) Meg
(b) Gertie's father
(c) Gertie
(d) Henley

13. What does Gertie carve for Cassie on the walk to her parent's house?
(a) A small bird
(b) A small doll
(c) A small cat
(d) A small dog

14. Which of the following terms best describes how the other children treated the one child who had difficulty reading?
(a) Empathetic
(b) Angry
(c) Sympathetic
(d) Mocking

15. How do Gertie and the children travel?
(a) Truck
(b) Car
(c) Mule
(d) Train

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clovis want to do as his future job once he leaves the Army?

2. Which word does Gertie use to describe the type of carving Gertie does not do?

3. Why does Gertie vomit?

4. Over what did Gertie and Clovis argue?

5. What happens to Gertie's dream of living in Tipton Place by the end of chapter nine?

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