The Dollmaker Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the doctor immediately realize that Amos has?

The doctor immediately realizes that Amos has diphtheria.

2. How much change does the officer give to Gertie for the ride into town?

The officer gives Gertie four ten dollar bills as change for her five dollar payment for the ride into town.

3. Why doesn't Gertie tell her husband that she performed the surgery?

Gertie does not tell her husband she has performed the surgery because she thinks he might be upset that she attempted it on their child.

4. Who else, besides Amos, has the doctor treated that Gertie knows?

The doctor has also treated Gertie's brother.

5. When does Clovis tell Gertie she will have regular money?

Clovis reminds Gertie that she will have regular money once he goes into the army in a few weeks.

6. Why had Gertie been saving money for years?

Gertie had been saving money for years so that she and Clovis could have their own farm someday.

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