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Gertie's Knife

This is a symbol of life force.

The Cherry Wood Block

This is a symbol not just of Gertie's life force but also of her dreams and her determination to bring them to life.

The Tipton Place

This large and well-kept farm with its roomy, strongly constructed house is the embodiment of Gertie's dreams for a good life for her family.

Cassie's Doll

This represents the kinship of their spirits, the joy they share and their hopes for a new and better life.

18911 Merry Hill

This address provides a direct and vivid contrast to the Tipton Place. It is shabbily made, small, overcrowded and too close to neighbors.

Clovis' Tools

These include the jigsaw and sander Clovis constructs to speed up the production of Gertie's dolls.

The Shot Dog

The pointless and wrenching physical death , who interestingly enough loses the use of his legs in the...

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