The Dollmaker Character Descriptions

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Gertie Nevels

This is the novel's protagonist. Her actions and reactions, feelings and intentions and interpretations of events anchor the narrative.


This character is a simple, uneducated mechanic whose actions throughout the novel can be summed up this way: he does the wrong thing for the right reasons.


This character is moody and sullen and is perhaps even more drawn to life on the farm than his mother.


This is the child most like her mother; both have a vivid imagination and take solace and private joy in the things they imagine and dream.

Clytie, Enoch, Amos

These characters are less multi-faceted but their personalities are nevertheless vividly defined and consistently developed.

Gertie's Parents

These characters appear in person only in the first few chapters but are referred to in passing throughout the novel.


This character was killed in battle in World War II...

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