Doll Bones Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Holly Black
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1. Where does the narrator say the mermaid dolls were purchased in Chapter 1?

At the Goodwill store.

2. What is Zachary's last name?


3. What ship does William the Blade captain?

The Neptune's Pearl.

4. Who is Alice's parental guardian?

Her grandmother.

5. What color hair does Poppy have?


6. Who is the elder of Poppy's brothers that teases Zach in Chapter 1?


7. Who is the younger of Poppy's two brothers that teases Zach in Chapter 1?


8. What is Poppy's last name?


9. What is Alice's last name in the novel?


10. What does Poppy's mother dream of doing with the Queen one day?

Selling it after going on Antiques Roadshow.

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