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Holly Black
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What creatures raised the character of Aurora in the children's game?
(a) Cyclops' spawn.
(b) Carnivorous horses.
(c) Unicorns.
(d) Rabid wolves.

2. What happens to the Pearl after Zach jumps overboard to save the Queen?
(a) It runs aground.
(b) It hits the barge.
(c) It capsizes.
(d) It floats past East Liverpool.

3. What river do Zach, Alice, and Poppy camp near in Chapter 7?
(a) The Arkansas River.
(b) The Klamath River.
(c) The Ohio River.
(d) The Colorado River.

4. What is the back end of a boat called?
(a) The hackle.
(b) The prow.
(c) The starboard.
(d) The aft.

5. Why is Zach relieved when he and the girls are unable to make a fire without being seen in Chapter 7?
(a) Because he is afraid of fire.
(b) Because he wanted to use his headlamp.
(c) Because it would be more romantic in the dark.
(d) Because he doesn't know how to start a fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Eleanor's aunt take away the dolls her father made for her in Zach's dream in Chapter 8?

2. How do Poppy and Alice escape from the bus station in Chapter 6?

3. What colors are described on the sail of the sailboat that Zach finds in Chapter 10?

4. Where does Leo says Poppy is when he catches up with Zach and Alice in Chapter 3?

5. Where did Zach's dad say he was going to run a restaurant when he left Zach's mother?

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