Doll Bones Character Descriptions

Holly Black
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Zachary Barlow

This 12-year-old main character in the novel attends Thomas Peebles Middle School, plays basketball, and participates in an imaginary game with his best two female friends.

Poppy Bell

This character has copper colored red hair and enough freckles to be compared to the number of stars in the night sky. She is small but fearsome.

Alice Magnaye

This character lives with her grandmother and is resentful of her family's overprotective demeanor. She has amber colored eyes and wears her long hair in braids.

Eleanor Kerchner

This character's spirit became entrapped in the body of a porcelain doll that was made from her bones and ashes.

Lukas Kerchner

This character cremated his daughter and used her remains to cast a porcelain doll.

Tinshoe Jones

This character encounters the protagonists on a bus headed to East Liverpool, Ohio. He is convinced that aliens occasionally meet with the driver and...

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