Doll Bones Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Holly Black
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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1 introduces the three main characters in the novel, Zachary Barlow, Poppy Bell, and Alice Magnaye, all children on the verge of adolescence.

• Poppy, Alice and Zachary play a game of imagination and creation involving pirates, thieves, a great queen and a pirate ship, each operating a character on her deck.

• In their imaginary world, Alice portrays a thief named Lady Jaye and Zachary portrays a pirate called William the Blade; Poppy is best at playing the villains.

• The leader of the children’s imaginary world is called the Great Queen, which in reality is a porcelain doll that is confined in a cabinet in Poppy's house along with other things that Poppy has been forbidden to touch.

• The themes of imagination, encroaching puberty, and expression are introduced and explored in this chapter.

Chapter 2

• In Chapter 2, Zachary returns home from school to discover that his father has...

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