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Short Answer Questions

1. Russel and the dogs are heading in which direction?

2. Russel imagines that the opening on his hood is actually ____.

3. In Russel's case death also represents _____.

4. Russel finds something under his shoulder as he is trying to sleep. What does it appear to be?

5. Russel begins to have regrets about ______.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Russel notice about the dogs? What does he do?

2. What is the man's state of mind at this point? What does the man do next?

3. Who is the pregnant woman? What is her story? What happens with the baby?

4. Explain the man's dance during the celebration in the village.

5. What does the man do after killing the mammoth? What is Russel's reaction?

6. Russel watches his dream-self leave on a hunt. What does Russel see? What is his reaction?

7. Russel finds a person lying in the snow. The person is unconscious. Who is the person and what has happened?

8. What is the animal encountered by Russel's dream-self? What happens when the man attacks the mammoth?

9. Russel's dream continues. What is the next thing he sees?

10. After a night of rest, Russel goes back out into the wilderness. What concerns does Russel have about the dogs?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a complete description of Oogruk. Include his age, ethnicity, lifestyle, beliefs, status in the community, unusual aspects, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Russel sees himself as an older man in a strange situation. Explain the situation. How does each version of Russel deal with the situation? How does the young Russel react to the older Russel's decisions and actions? How is the young Russel affected by the wife and children?

Essay Topic 3

On more than one occasion, Russel had encounters with the animals. Most notably the meeting with the woolly mammoth, caribou, and the bear. Examine animal intelligence and how underestimating that intelligence might have been a fatal error for Russel. What might have happened if Russel had tried to dominate the animals prematurely? How would you feel if confronted by one of the animals?

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