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Essay Topic 1

Russel had no idea where he was at certain times because he had no maps in his possession. Russel chose to rely on his instinct as well as the dogs. Would Russel be able to tell by the landscape, plants or animals? What would be different about the region opposed to Russel's childhood home? Explain the changes in the terrain, animals, and territory in general.

Essay Topic 2

Russel's determination helped him gain the strength to build the shelter. How did Russel know how to build a lean-to? Do you think his knowledge was gained from television, real life experience, or instruction? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

The confrontations with the bear and the woolly mammoth were scary and exciting. Why did Paulsen put Russel in these situations? Examine the encounter from the bear and mammoth's points of view. Discuss how a human might provoke an animal in the...

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