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Part 1, The Trance: Chapters 1 - 5

• Reader is introduced to 14-year-old Russel Susskit, an Eskimo.
• Russel and his father live in a government village.

• Russel is undergoing changes that he does not understand.
• Russel consults Oogruk, the local shaman.

• Oogruk offers to teach Russel the Old Ways.
• Russel learns about the history of his village.

• Russel goes into a trance and learns what he must do.
• Russel takes his first trip with Oogruk's dogs. The dogs do not trust Russel.
• Russel moves in with Oogruk.

• Russel no longer attends school. Russel's father does not complain.
• Russel hunts for food for Oogruk and himself.
• Russel must go out into the country to hunt.
• Oogruk will not go with Russel.

Part Two, The Dreamrun: Chapters 6 - 14

• Russel goes out into the wilderness.

• Russel begins to appreciate nature.
• Russel moves north but begins to worry about the health of the dogs.
• Russel...

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