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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Imelda say about her childhood in Scene 10?

2. In Scene 10, what does Imelda say of her detractors?

3. Why does Freddy get angry at Rio in Scene 1?

4. Which of the following is something that is related to have happened after the assassination in Scene 4?

5. How does Joey entertain himself in Scene 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Senator Avila tell Daisy in his soliloquy in Scene 16?

2. How does Ledesma assert dominance over Daisy at the end of Scene 8?

3. How does Fassbinder show himself to be disingenuous in Scene 17?

4. What is Daisy Avila doing when she is arrested in Scene 4?

5. What is revealed about life in Manila at the end of Scene 4?

6. How does Imelda describe herself at the end of Scene 10?

7. How does Rio react to news of the assassination in Scene 1?

8. How is Daisy interrogated in Scene 8?

9. Describe the action at the beginning of Scene 17.

10. Describe Daisy's Scene 9 interaction with her dead father.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The ruling class of the Philippines in Dogeaters is portrayed as profoundly perverse in its world view. Write an essay about how General Ledesma represents this perversion? How is his entire being in the early scenes a form of deception? What truth do his interactions with both Lolita Luna and Daisy Avila represent about power-holders in a dictatorship?

Essay Topic 2

The country of the Philippines is the primary character of Dogeaters, and it undergoes many changes as a political climate turns bloody. Write a three part essay about the transition the Philippines undergoes:

Part 1) Describe the Philippines at the beginning of the play. How do the Marcoses rule it, and what is the coal structure like? Discuss how the colonial history of the country has shaped Philippine society.

Part 2) The catalyzing event of Dogeaters is the murder of Senator Avila. Why is Avila murdered? How does the populace respond to the assassination? Discuss if and how Philippine society is changed by this upheaval.

Part 3) Discuss the state of the Philippines at the end of the play. What has changes in the sociopolitical climate, and what is the same as it was before? What cumulative effect did the coup have?

Essay Topic 3

The world of Dogeaters is one in which the line between life and death is not a concrete partition. Write a three part essay about characters who return to the land of the living after death. How do they appear in the play? What is the purpose of the return, and how do the other characters interact with the dead one?

Part 1) Mallat

Part 2) Lola

Part 3) Avila

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