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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sings a lullaby to Daisy in Scene 16?

2. What are Joey and Fassbinder doing at the beginning of Scene 17?

3. Who tells Rio of the assassination in Scene 1?

4. Why is Daisy Avila ill in Scene 16?

5. Before leaving at the end of Scene 8, what does Ledesma promise he will do to Daisy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the NPA guerrillas feel about Joey in Scene 11?

2. How does Imelda describe herself at the end of Scene 10?

3. How does Rio react to news of the assassination in Scene 1?

4. Describe Daisy's Scene 9 interaction with her dead father.

5. What does Imelda Marcos say about the assassination in Scene 10?

6. Describe the assassination of Senator Avila at the end of Act I.

7. How does Ledesma assert dominance over Daisy at the end of Scene 8?

8. How does Fassbinder show himself to be disingenuous in Scene 17?

9. How does Perlita save Joey's life in Scene 5?

10. How is Romeo killed in Scene 7?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The role of coupling in Dogeaters is more ambiguous than in many other narratives. Write an essay about three couplings. How do these two characters find each other? What do they have to gain from each other? To what extent is the relationship based more on deception or power than it is on love? How does the relationship end?

Part 1) Romeo and Trini.

Part 2) Fassbinder and Joey.

Part 3) Lolita and Ledesma.

Essay Topic 2

The narrative of Dogeaters is based on actual historical events that took place in Manila, but Jessica Hagedorn intermingles fiction and fact in the play. Write an essay about this intermingling. What elements of the play - characters, settings, events - are factual, and what is dramatic invention? How do the fictional elements serve the historical truth Hagedorn is trying to impart?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the character of Joey Sands. How does his journey over the course of the play lead to his realization that he loves his country? What does his role as the sole witness of the Avila assassination change about his character? Was he initially a progressive individual? What does he discover about himself when forced to leave his home?

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