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Short Answer Questions

1. Who are Nestor Noralez and Barbara Villanueva?

2. Which character in Scene 12 refuses to enjoy himself?

3. What is unique about Daisy Avila's win in the pageant?

4. At the beginning of Dogeaters, what national event is about to happen in Manila?

5. In Scene 14, what is Lolita Luna high on?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Imelda Marcos defend herself in Scene 11?

2. Who do Nestor and Barbara introduce in Scene 2?

3. What role does a real historical figure play in Scene 10?

4. What do Nestor and Barbara say about Philippines history in Scene 2?

5. How are Tito Alvarez and Lolita Luna greeted at Studio 54 in Scene 14?

6. Describe Daisy and Santos meeting in Scene 8.

7. In Scene 1, what is imparted to the audience through radio clips?

8. Describe the speech that Avila delivers in Scene 7.

9. What is a dogeater?

10. What does Rio think about the Manila she has returned to?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The role of coupling in Dogeaters is more ambiguous than in many other narratives. Write an essay about three couplings. How do these two characters find each other? What do they have to gain from each other? To what extent is the relationship based more on deception or power than it is on love? How does the relationship end?

Part 1) Romeo and Trini.

Part 2) Fassbinder and Joey.

Part 3) Lolita and Ledesma.

Essay Topic 2

The character of Imelda Marcos in Dogeaters is an amalgamation of the associations held internationally about the historic figure. Write an essay analyzing the character of Imelda Marcos. What image does Imelda want to impart to her people? What narrative does she tell about herself? Discuss how her actions belie the falsehood of her personal narrative.

Essay Topic 3

The narrative of Dogeaters is based on actual historical events that took place in Manila, but Jessica Hagedorn intermingles fiction and fact in the play. Write an essay about this intermingling. What elements of the play - characters, settings, events - are factual, and what is dramatic invention? How do the fictional elements serve the historical truth Hagedorn is trying to impart?

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