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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Nestor Noralez and Barbara Villanueva?
(a) Itinerrants in Manila.
(b) FIlm critics.
(c) Radio stars.
(d) Former Philippine presidents.

2. Who originated the term Joey explains in Scene 10?
(a) Europeans.
(b) Australian natives.
(c) Filipinos.
(d) The Americans.

3. In Scene 14, what is Lolita Luna high on?
(a) Heroin.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Quaaludes.
(d) Mescaline.

4. In Scene 11, what does Imelda promise about her film festival?
(a) It will not affect national commerce.
(b) It will last two months.
(c) It will be bigger than Cannes.
(d) It will feature a future Oscar winner.

5. Why is Senator Avila out of place in Scene 12?
(a) He does not speak the same language.
(b) He is wheelchair-bound.
(c) He is an opposition leader.
(d) He does not play golf.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose books is Imelda Marcos said to have banned?

2. What interrupts Carreon as he tees off in Scene 12?

3. Where is the cafe located in Scene 9?

4. While they have sex in Scene 15, what does Romeo accidentally call Trini?

5. What type of frame for the narrative of the play is introduced in Scene 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Trini and Romeo meet in Scene 6?

2. In Scene 9, how does Rio's story about her grandmother reflect the changing Manila?

3. What state is Joey in when he enters in Scene 10?

4. Describe the cafe in Scene 9.

5. How does Imelda Marcos defend herself in Scene 11?

6. What do Nestor and Barbara say about Philippines history in Scene 2?

7. What is peculiar about the tryst between Trini and Romeo in Scene 15?

8. Describe the speech that Avila delivers in Scene 7.

9. How does Senator Avila relate to his right-wing counterparts in Scene 12?

10. In Scene 4, how does Uncle goad Joey?

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