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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of these characters is not introduced in Scene 2?
(a) Joey Sands.
(b) Daisy Avila.
(c) Leonor Ledesma.
(d) Uncle.

2. Who do Rio and Pucha gossip about in Scene 9?
(a) Harrison Ford.
(b) Daisy Avila.
(c) A new sex show in Manila.
(d) Imelda Marcos.

3. In Scene 14, what is Lolita Luna high on?
(a) Cocaine.
(b) Heroin.
(c) Quaaludes.
(d) Mescaline.

4. Who does Romeo claim to be friends with in Scene 6?
(a) Rainer Fassbinder.
(b) Imelda Marcos.
(c) Lolita Luna.
(d) Tito Alvarez.

5. In Scene 1, what has Daisy Avila just won?
(a) A Philippines Oscar.
(b) Miss Philippines title.
(c) A literary prize.
(d) A Rhodes scholariship.

6. Who did Fassbinder dance with all night at the ball?
(a) Daisy Avila.
(b) Pucha.
(c) Chiquiting..
(d) Imelda Marcos.

7. What performer does Perlita emulate in Scene 14?
(a) Donna Summers.
(b) Gloria Gaynor.
(c) Diana Ross.
(d) Lena Horne.

8. In Scene 3, why is Rio returning to Manila?
(a) She is attending school there.
(b) Her grandmother has died.
(c) She missed her family.
(d) She has a job there,

9. What rumor about Daisy Avila surfaces in Scene 10?
(a) She commited incest with her father.
(b) She is moving to America.
(c) She is a Communist.
(d) She is pregnant.

10. Where do Romeo and Trini meet in Scene 6?
(a) The airport.
(b) The beach.
(c) The Odeon.
(d) A radio studio.

11. In Scene 11, whose accusations does Imelda Marcos deny?
(a) Avila's.
(b) Reagan's.
(c) Ledesma's.
(d) Perlita's.

12. What interrupts Carreon as he tees off in Scene 12?
(a) A cobra.
(b) A sneezing fit.
(c) A sudden rainstorm.
(d) A tremor.

13. What is Chiquiting's job?
(a) Chef.
(b) Hairdresser.
(c) Actress.
(d) Taxi driver.

14. Why is the Odeon failing in Manila?
(a) A new multiplex has opened.
(b) The Film Center construction is blocking the entrance.
(c) The owners are trying to sink it.
(d) Fewer films are coming to the Philippines.

15. At the beginning of Dogeaters, who does the announcer say has just met with the Marcoses?
(a) Ronald Reagan.
(b) Margaret Thatcher.
(c) Luis Bunuel.
(d) Yves Saint Laurent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the cafe of Scene 9 made up to look like?

2. Who drags Lolita Luna out of Studio 54 in Scene 14?

3. What does Alacran recommend in Scene 12 after Carreon skulks off?

4. How does Rio present herself in Scene 3?

5. In Scene 10, what has Imelda Marcos accused of doing regarding her Film Center construction workers?

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