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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Scene 5, what do the narrators say Santos Triador is always doing?
(a) Cheating on Daisy.
(b) Reading Marx.
(c) Watching Daisy.
(d) Plotting against the Marcos regime.

2. While they have sex in Scene 15, what does Romeo accidentally call Trini?
(a) Daisy.
(b) Brooke.
(c) Lolita.
(d) Barbara.

3. Why does Carreon not want to play golf in Scene 12?
(a) He is missing his first child's birth.
(b) He is bad at the game.
(c) He is disgusted by Avila's ideology.
(d) He is using old clubs.

4. How did Severo Alacran's family die?
(a) They fell ill in a smallpox outbreak.
(b) They were killed by the Japanese.
(c) They died in a house fire.
(d) They died in a traffic accident.

5. Which revolutionary European director hits on Joey in Scene 10?
(a) Goddard.
(b) Polanski.
(c) Truffaut.
(d) Fassbinder.

6. What is Senator Avila pressing the government for?
(a) An end to martial law.
(b) Tax reform.
(c) Nationalization of the banks.
(d) Free elections.

7. According to Avila in Scene 12, what part of the Philippine temperament does the country a disservice?
(a) Spirituality.
(b) Sloth.
(c) Playfulness.
(d) Militarism.

8. Why is the Odeon failing in Manila?
(a) A new multiplex has opened.
(b) The Film Center construction is blocking the entrance.
(c) The owners are trying to sink it.
(d) Fewer films are coming to the Philippines.

9. Which character is the owner of Studio 54?
(a) Alacran.
(b) Chiquiting.
(c) Ledesma.
(d) Pucha.

10. What did Mallat measure during his time in the Philippines?
(a) The natives' extremities.
(b) Orchid blooms.
(c) The beaks of hummingbirds.
(d) The coastline.

11. Who did Fassbinder dance with all night at the ball?
(a) Pucha.
(b) Chiquiting..
(c) Imelda Marcos.
(d) Daisy Avila.

12. What is significant about the day of Scene 12?
(a) It is Daisy Avila's birthday.
(b) It is Christmas.
(c) It is the anniversary of the Philippine independence.
(d) It is the first day of the film festival.

13. At the beginning of Dogeaters, what national event is about to happen in Manila?
(a) Imelda Marcos' birthday.
(b) Manila International Film Festival.
(c) Ferdinand Marcos' Golden Jubillee.
(d) Philippine Independence Day.

14. Why does Alacran chastise Chiquiting in Scene 10?
(a) Her outfit.
(b) Her profligate spending.
(c) Her cursing.
(d) Her gossip.

15. Who drags Lolita Luna out of Studio 54 in Scene 14?
(a) Perlita.
(b) Tito.
(c) General Ledesma.
(d) Joey Sands.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Senator Avila speaking to in Scene 7?

2. Who does Romeo claim to be friends with in Scene 6?

3. What is the occupation of the person Barbara and Nestor interview in Scene 2?

4. What does Alacran recommend in Scene 12 after Carreon skulks off?

5. Why does Pucha ostensibly berate the waiter in Scene 9?

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