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1. In Scene 1, what is imparted to the audience through radio clips?

In Scene 1, a series of radio snippets that act as a primer for the audience. The snippets announce that Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos have visited with the new American President, Ronald Reagan. One hears that Daisy, the daughter of the opposition leader Senator Domingo Avila, has won the Miss Philippines Pageant. The First Annual Manila International Film Festival is approaching, and for it Imelda Marcos has built a new Film Center in the capital. The guerrillas of the insurgent NPA continue to fight in the provincial towns.

2. Who do Nestor and Barbara introduce in Scene 2?

In Scene 2, the characters of Nestor Noralez and Barbara Villanueva are introduced; they are two radio stars who serve as chorus for the play. They welcome the audience to the show and introduce some of the principals: Joey Sands, Daisy Avila, Rio Gonzaga, and Leonor Ledesma, wife of General Ledesma.

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