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Imelda Marcos is a sort of madcap deity overseeing the world of the play. As a class, spend a period learning about the real Imelda Marcos. How was she regarded by the world in her prime? Watch, for example, the section of the Beatles Anthology which covers the mini-feud she had with the band when they declined a state dinner invitation.

Nestor and Barbara

Jessica Hagedorn tempers the seriousness of her subject matter by framing it as a soap opera. Divide the class into groups and every week you are studying the play, have a group make a comical presentation about a world event, presenting it as though part of a popular television program.

A Set

The play has 33 scene taking place in numerous different locations. As a class, pretend you are designing a set for a production of Dogeaters. What would be important for the set...

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