Dogeaters Character Descriptions

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Joey Sands - This character's life is altered when he witnesses an assassination.

Daisy Avila - This character becomes bedridden after getting pregnant.

Rio Gonzaga - This character works abroad in San Francisco.

Senator Domingo Avila - This character mistakenly thinks he is safe from violence because he is friends with a repressive general.

Perlita - This character's lounge act primarily consists of Donna Summers numbers.

General Ledesma - This character has an affair with a soft-porn actress.

Trini Gamboa - This character ends the play working at TruCola factory.

Romeo Rosales - This character works as personal waiter to the richest man in the Philippines.

Leonor Ledesma - This character never stops praying.

Chiquiting - This character loves access and is constantly name-dropping.

Imelda Marcos - This character arranges a massive film festival for her capital city.

Rainer Fassbinder - This character was a a real-life...

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