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Act I, Scenes 1-8 Synopsis

• Nestor and Barbara introduce the characters of the play and explain Philippine history.
• Rio returns home for her grandmother's funeral.
• Joey and Sands is threatened by his pimp Uncle.
• Trini and Romeo meet at the Odeon.
• Daisy and Santos fall in love.

Act I: Scenes 9-11

• Rio and Pucha discuss changes in Manila.
• Chiquiting and Perlita gossip about the ruling elite.
• Joey, ragged and stoned, prepares for his DJ gig.
• Rainer Fassbinder picks up Joey.
• Imelda Marcos defends her brutal repressive acts on Nestor and Barbara's program.

Act I: Scenes 12-15

• Senator Avila plays golf with General Ledesma and Severo Alacran.
• Tito Alvarez, Rainer Fassbinder, and Lolita Luna attend the after-party at Studio 54.
• Joey, Rainer, and Rio attend a sex show.
• Trini and Romeo have sex.

Act I: Scenes 16-17

• Daisy Avila falls ill in her pregnancy.
• Senator Avila tries to attend to...

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