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1. What does Herriot do when he receives a Christmas basket from Mrs. Humphrey?

When Herriot receives the basket of Christmas gifts from Mrs. Pumphrey, instead of calling her to offer thanks, he writes a thank you note to Master Tricki-Woo. Herriot thinks the fine Christmas sherry is a good enough reason to give the best of care to Mister Woo.

2. What does Herriot find in the morning after the surgery on the Labrador?

Toward morning, Herriot is awakened by the sounds of scratching from the dog's nails as he paces about the room. Opening the door to Tristan's room, Herriot finds the Lab's huge paws on his chest and his tail wagging energetically.

3. How does Herriot cure Tricki-Woo in chapter three?

Herriot cures Tricki-Woo in chapter three by giving him nothing but water for three days. When he seems a little more active, Herriot lets Tricki-Woo play with the other dogs in the kennel. The dog is just over-weight, so some good nutrition and exercise is all he needs.

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