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Skeldale House

This is the old house where James Herriot practices veterinary medicine with Siegfried and Tristan Farnon. In the early days of his marriage to Helen, Herriot shares an upstairs apartment here with his new bride.

Yorkshire County

This is a rural area far enough from London to have its own distinct character and dialect.


This is the capitol of Scotland, where James Herriot is raised and where he has many happy experiences with dogs.


This is where the successful and popular veterinarian, Granville Bennett, operates a modern animal clinic.

The Darrowby Show

Siegfried encourages Herriot to serve as official veterinarian at this annual event, telling him it's just a walk in the park.


This is an industrial town where James Herriot goes to relieve fellow veterinarian, Stewie Brennan.


This is a poison commonly used by farmers to control pests, such as rats...

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