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James Herriot

This character is a veterinarian from Scotland who joins the practice in a small town in Yorkshire County. He is among the first veterinarians to practice small animal medicine in a rural community.

Siegfried Farnon

This character runs and manages a veterinarian practice while his younger brother finishes his veterinary training. He is serious, practical and hard working.

Tristan Farnon

This character is the somewhat carefree, irresponsible younger brother of a veterinarian. He has a fondness for beer, cigars and women.

Helen Alderson

This character is the dark-haired beautiful daughter of an important figure in Darrowby's social and business communities.

Granville Bennett

This character is a flamboyant veterinarian in the nearby town of Hartington, and is somewhat of a legend in Northern England for his advanced clinic and success rate working only on small animals.

Mrs. Donovan

This character is a quirky old woman who goes...

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