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• Herriot is called to Mrs. Pumphrey's house to care for her Pekingese, Tricki-Woo who has many illnesses due to his master feeding him cream pies, alcohol, and other things of that nature.

• Mrs. Pumphrey tells Herriot that she writes to a dog magazine in search of a pen-pal and has also won her nine shillings by placing a bet at the horse race.

• When Mrs. Pumphry sends Herriot a gift basket at Christmas, he writes a letter to Mister Tricki-Woo to thank him, which pleases Mrs. Pumphrey. Tricki-Woo lives a long and happy life.

• Herriot removes a benign tumor from the chest of a Labrador. The dog makes loud howling noises as he comes out of the anesthesia.

• Herriot and Siegfried have to go to another clinic, so Tristan is left to care for the dog. When they come back, they hear the dog howling. Tristan...

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