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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)


Christopher Marlowe is the author of "Dr. Faustus" and many other important works of English literature; in fact, he is often considered the second most influential English author, bested only by Shakespeare. This lesson will focus on the author and his biography.


1. In Class Reading: Hand out copies of a short biography on Christopher Marlowe. Have the class read the biography and take notes in preparation to discuss it. Have the class pay particular attention to Marlowe's fame based on his penchant for blank verse and overreaching protagonists, both of which are present in "Dr. Faustus".

2. In Class Writing Assignment: Write one to two paragraphs about Christopher Marlowe and his accomplishments, based on what you have learned about him from the biography. What factors led to his great success as a playwright? Why do you believe that "Dr. Faustus" was highly edited and censored?

3. Class...

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