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Changing Genres

In groups of two or three, choose a scene from the play to rewrite slightly to fit into a different genre. Enact your scene for the class.

Death Becomes Him

Assuming Faustus did not leave all of his possessions to Wagner, write Faustus's last will, citing your reasons for why he leave his possessions to whomever.

Debate of the Angels

In pairs, as the Good and Bad Angels, argue for a different character's soul (i.e. the Old Man, Robin, Rafe, etc.).

Mephastophilis' Appeal

As Mephastophilis, write an appeal to God to forgive your wickedness and return to heaven.

Wagner Vision

Summarize the play from Wagner's point of view.

The Vanholt Version

As either the Duke or Duchess of Vanholt, write a letter to a friend, recounting your evening with Faustus.

Time to Mime

In groups of three or four, choose a scene and silently act...

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