Doctor Faustus Character Descriptions

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Archbishop of Rheims

This character suggests that the disturbance caused by the invisible protagonist at the banquet in Rome is the result of a soul escaped from Purgatory.

Benvolio, Frederick, and Martino

These characters are punished by devils.


This rival pope is condemned for heresy.

Cardinals of France and Padua

These characters are charged with determining the punishment for the rival pope condemned for heresy and are imprisoned when the rival pope escapes.


This character permits someone to eat hay, knowing that an ordinary person can only eat a little hay, but the person consumes his entire wagonload.

Charles V, Emperor of Germany (Carolus)

This character supports the rival pope.


This character appears throughout the text to identify and judge the action of the play.

Duchess of Vanholt

This character is pregnant and provided with a dish of ripe grapes from the East.

Duke of Vanholt

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