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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 15, Yuri returns to Moscow. How does he find food and supplies on his journey?

2. What does Yuri do while alone in Mikulitsyn's house?

3. Why does the White Army leave a mutilated man for the Red Army to discover?

4. What must Yuri do in order to remain safe in Yuriatin?

5. In Chapter 13, what new information does Lara give Yuri?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens when Komarovsky shows up at Yuri and Lara's house in Yuriatin.

2. In Chapter 13, while in Yuritan, what does Lara want to have happen to her relationship with Yuri?

3. Describe Yuri's relationship with Marina.

4. Why does Yuri choose to compare the drops of blood in the snow with rowan berries?

5. What might have been done to prevent Pamphil's insanity?

6. The Tania in Epilogue of Dr. Zhivago is not Yuri's wife. Who is she and where did she come from?

7. What could the rowan tree symbolize?

8. Why do you think Yuri stays in Yuriatin for a time instead of leaving immediately to find his wife and family?

9. Why does Lara return for Yuri's funeral after he refused to follow her to Vladivostok?

10. How does Yuri react to Strelnikov's return?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Komarovsky keeps appearing to Lara unwanted and uninvited. How do Komarovsky's actions affect the development of his character in the story? How does his influence affect Lara and her daughter, Tania?

Essay Topic 2

In the book, character and events seem to coincidentally occur at just the right (or wrong) time. What role does fate play in Yuri's life? What role does fate play in Lara's life? Give specific examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

The characters in the book endure the strife of World War I as well as a civil war. Discuss how war affects their lives.

1) How does World War I affect the characters in the book? Cite specific examples.

2) How does the Russian Civil War affect the characters in the book? Cite specific examples.

3) How would Yuri and Lara's affair been different if there had been no war?

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