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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Yura poor?
(a) The government had taken all their posessions.
(b) Yura's father had squandered the family fortune.
(c) Yura's father could not find work.
(d) Yura's father was on strike.

2. How are the big snowdrifts cleared from the path during Yuri's journey to Varykino?
(a) Teams of horses pull snow plows across the path until it is clear.
(b) The passengers split up into work teams, and clear the snow with shovels borrowed from a nearby village.
(c) The soldiers clear the snow with shovels borrowed from a nearby village.
(d) The government officials convince men from a nearby village to clear the snow by promising a large reward.

3. What is the name of the man who now runs the estate once owned by Yuri's father?
(a) Mikulitsyn.
(b) Nikulitsyn.
(c) Nikolai.
(d) Sergeevich.

4. Whom does Yuri meet at the beginning of May?
(a) Uncle Nikolai.
(b) Evgraf.
(c) Ivan Ivanovich.
(d) Lara.

5. Yura is also called what name?
(a) Yurinski.
(b) Yuca.
(c) Yuri.
(d) Yurinovich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Zhivago have published during World War I?

2. While traveling to see Lara, who conscripts Yuri as a field doctor?

3. Upon the advice of her lawyer, where does Amalia Karlovna Guishar send Lara?

4. After her affair with Komarovsky ends, whom does Lara marry?

5. When Yura and his uncle live in a house owned by the Gromekos, which character also lives in the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lara follow Pasha to the front lines?

2. How does Yuri react when he sees Lara at the library?

3. How could Yuri's life have been different if he had not tried to return to Lara the night he was conscripted by the Red Army?

4. Give an example of the brutality of war that is described in Dr. Zhivago.

5. Describe Lara and Pasha's life together.

6. Everyone must trade or pay for the food that is sold illegally behind the train stations. Why doesn't the soldier have to pay for the food he eats?

7. How do Yuri and his family get food and supplies for their trip to Varykino?

8. Describe the political views of Maxim Aristarkhovich Klintsov-Pogorevshikh.

9. Describe some of the social classes of people who are on the train and how they interact with each other.

10. Describe how the snow is cleared from the train tracks.

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