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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Christina considered a war heroine?
(a) She tended wounded soldiers at the front line.
(b) She smuggled food and supplies to the Russian army.
(c) She sent a secret message to a Russian general.
(d) She infiltrated the German lines and blew up a fortification.

2. What does Yuri do while alone in Mikulitsyn's house?
(a) He drinks vodka and writes about Lara.
(b) He rises early and tends the garden.
(c) He sleeps late and writes about politics.
(d) He repairs holes the rats have made.

3. Which drunken character from Lara's past is allowed to sleep in a rat-infested room of her house in Yuriatin?
(a) Komarovsky.
(b) Strelnikov.
(c) Uncle Nikolai.
(d) Pasha.

4. What book do Gordon and Dudorov discuss at the end of the epilogue?
(a) A book about the problems of collectivism.
(b) A book about democracy.
(c) A book about the benefits of collectivism.
(d) Yuri's book of poems.

5. In Chapter 15, Yuri returns to Moscow. How does he find food and supplies on his journey?
(a) He trades his coat to a farmer for produce.
(b) He steals food from an unsuspecting peasant.
(c) He gathers field gleanings and scrounges whatever he can from abandoned houses.
(d) He works odd jobs in towns along the way, accepting food as payment.

6. In Chapter 14, why is Strelnikov in hiding?
(a) He is a government spy.
(b) He is depressed and has deserted the army.
(c) He faces a court martial and possible execution.
(d) He is hiding from the angry husband of a lover.

7. In Chapter 15, why does Lara travel to Moscow see Yuri?
(a) To attend Yuri's funeral.
(b) To tell Yuri she loves him.
(c) To work with Yuri in the hospital.
(d) To tell Yuri his wife has died.

8. In Chapter 16, after World War II, under whose protection does Tonia live?
(a) Evgraf's protection.
(b) Yuri's protection.
(c) Komorov's protection.
(d) The protection of the state.

9. How do some of the villagers reconstruct their roofs?
(a) They use turf for roofing.
(b) They use shingles from an old government building for roofing.
(c) They use sheets of old metal for roofing.
(d) They cover their roofs with tarps from old army trucks.

10. During the summer, how many jobs does Yuri take in order to make ends meet?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Four.

11. What mode of travel do Lara and Yuri use on their journey out of Yuriatin?
(a) A stolen Army truck.
(b) A train.
(c) A horse and sleigh.
(d) A wagon.

12. What eases Pamphil's symptoms?
(a) Pamphil's family joins him in camp.
(b) Pamphil dies and is released from his pain.
(c) Medical herbs found in the nearby countryside.
(d) Contraband medication Yuri has smuggled to Pamphil.

13. What does Yuri need from the government in order to journey to France?
(a) Money.
(b) An international medical license.
(c) A train ticket.
(d) A passport.

14. Whom does Tonia tell Gordon and Dudorov is her step-father?
(a) Evgraf.
(b) Yuri.
(c) Nicholi.
(d) Komorov.

15. While Yuri is serving as a conscripted as a field doctor, how many times does he attempt escape?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) None.
(d) Four.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom do Lara and Yuri learn they share as a common nemesis?

2. Major-General Zhivago, Yuri's half brother Evgraf, is looking for something. What is it?

3. How do Gordon and Dudorov feel about collectivism?

4. What type of tree does Yuri discover growing near the camp on a piece of high ground?

5. Why does Yuri agree to follow Lara in Komarovsky's sleigh?

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