Objects & Places from Doctor Zhivago

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This is the place where Yuri grows up, marries and eventually dies.


The place where Yuri and his family hide from the government.


This is Lara's hometown. She begins her married life in this place and later has an affair here.


The major form of transportation during this time. It moves many people and items at once.


This element is considered both a season and an object.

Rowan tree

The symbol for the new Russia. It's red berries may predict the victory of the Red Army.

Horse-drawn cart/sleigh

This is a form of transportation that can move a few people or packages.

Yuri's poetry

Published after the author's death, this object allows the author to express his deepest feelings.


This force can barely be controlled and changes everyone's lives. Lara clams this force caused Pasha to leave her.


This force...

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