Doctor No Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapter 1, Hear You Loud and Clear

1. Who is the author of "Doctor No?"
(a) Ian Fleming.
(b) Ivan Fleming.
(c) Illian Fleming.
(d) Issac Fleming.

2. What does James Bond have injected into his shin by a SMERSH officer?
(a) Microchip.
(b) A locator.
(c) Poison.
(d) Cyanide.

3. Who sends Bond to Jamaica?
(a) P.
(b) N.
(c) M.
(d) Q.

4. Strangeways leaves a poker game. Where is that poker game being played?
(a) Kingsborrow.
(b) Kingly.
(c) Kingsturn.
(d) Kingston.

5. Why does Strangeways leave the poker game?
(a) To make a phone call.
(b) To send and receive emails.
(c) To video-chat on the computer.
(d) To receive a radio call.

6. Who is blocking Strangeways' path to his car?
(a) A group of beggars.
(b) A group of thugs.
(c) A group of children.
(d) A group of blind, homeless men.

7. After Strangeways is shot, where is he dragged to?
(a) An alley way.
(b) The trunk of a car.
(c) The back of a van.
(d) A trash bin.

8. Who is Mary Trueblood?
(a) Strangeways' secretary.
(b) Strangeways' wife.
(c) Strangeways' boss.
(d) Strangeways' partner.

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