Doctor No Character Descriptions

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James Bond

This character has just recovered from an illness, is ready to return to work, and is sent on assignment to Jamaica.


This character is another character's boss and is responsible for handing out assignments.

Honeychile Rider

This character is found on a beach at Crab Key where rare sea shells are being harvested to sell to a buyer.


This character is a Caymen Islander who acts as a bodyguard, errand boy, and assistant.


This character is the Colonial Secretary in Jamaica.

Doctor No

This character was smuggled into the United States and stole more than a million dollars from his bosses.

Chief of Staff

This character is in charge of the details of the cases that the service investigates.

Strangeways and Miss Trueblood

These characters are assumed to have run off together in Jamaica.

Dr. No's Watchmen

These characters are stationed in bungalows...

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