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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Canto XXIX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are certain tormented souls of the fourth circle tonsured in Canto 7?
(a) They were beheaded.
(b) They worked for the Vatican.
(c) They refused to acknowledge their sin.
(d) They stole from their families.

2. Which fable does Dante recall as he follows Virgil at the beginning of Canto 23?
(a) The scorpion and the toad.
(b) The tortoise and the hare.
(c) The wind and the sun.
(d) The lion and the mouse.

3. Who lashes the panders in the first round of the eighth circle?
(a) Harpies.
(b) Fallen angels.
(c) Wraiths.
(d) Demons.

4. Who is at the top of the pope hole in Canto 19?
(a) Clement V.
(b) Pius II.
(c) Nicholas III.
(d) Boniface VIII.

5. Why did Pier delle Vigne commit suicide?
(a) He lost his children in the civil war.
(b) He was accused of treachery against the Emperor.
(c) He was exiled form Florence.
(d) His wife left him for a Ghibelline captain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which religious leader is tormented in the ninth chasm in Canto 28?

2. Why did Dante last enter the dread city?

3. What is the composition of the river that Virgil and Dante approach at the end of Canto 14?

4. Who is kept in the fifth chasm of the eighth circle?

5. Who is punished in the seventh chasm?

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