Objects & Places from Divine Comedy

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The dark wood - This is where the protagonist begins the poem.

Leopard, Lion, She-wolf, and Greyhound - These stalk the protagonist at the beginning of the poem.

Blank banner - This object is carried by the lukewarm on the outside of Hell.

The abyss - This object is the form that Hell takes in the poem.

Castle - This location is where the righteous nonbelievers dwell in Hell.

Water - This object runs throughout much of Hell, leading to the very bottom and center of it.

The Furies and Medusa - These try to stop Dante from entering the City of Dis.

City of Dis - This is where the most unnatural sins are punished in Hell.

Old Man - This object is where all the rivers of Hell begin.

Baptistery of Florence - This object is the form in which Simonists are punished.


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