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Populating Hell

Dante uses biblical, classical, and contemporary references as he populates his circles of Hell. After covering each circle, have students in class bring in photos of modern public figures whom they think belong in each circle of Hell. Keep a map of Hell in class and post it in class, adding the photos to each circle.

Create a Circle

Have students in class think of something about everyday life that annoys them. Each student should write a canto in terza rima describing the circle of Hell in which the people who commit this annoyance are sent. What kind of poetically appropriate punishment can they devise?

Visions of Hell

Spend a day in class watching clips from movies that feature scenes in Hell: What Dreams May Come, Deconstructing Harry, South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut, etc. Discuss with the class what each of these visions owes to Dante's...

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