Divine Comedy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Canto I | Canto II

• Dante is lost in a Dark Wood.

• Virgil, at Beatrice's request, agrees to guide Dante.

Canto III | Canto IV

• Dante sees the lukewarm in the plains outside Hell.

• Dante sees the righteous nonbelievers in Limbo, the first circle.

Canto V | Canto VI

• Dante sees the carnal sinners of the second circle.

• Dante speaks with Ciacca the glutton about Florence in the third circle.

Canto VII | Canto VIII

• Dante sees the avaricious and prodigal punished in the fourth circle.

• Dante crosses the Styx, where the wrathful are punished.

• Fallen angels try to halt Dante and Virgil.

Canto IX

• An angel from Heaven gains Dante and Virgil entry to Dis.

Canto X

• Dante learns of his exile from Florence from the heretic Farinata.

• Dante learns Beatrice will tell his whole life's path.

Canto XI

• Virgil explains who is kept in the lowest circles of Hell.

Canto XII

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