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Veronica Roth
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28 - 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word has been spray painted on Beatrice's pillow in Chapter Ten?
(a) RAT.
(c) BABY.
(d) STIFF.

2. What faction does Beatrice believe is going to be used to fight after her discussion with Four in Chapter Twenty-Eight?
(a) Amity.
(b) Dauntless.
(c) Abnegation.
(d) Candor.

3. Beatrice realizes in Chapter Twelve that being Dauntless means being willing to make things more difficult for yourself in order to become what?
(a) Selfless.
(b) Self-sufficient.
(c) Peaceful.
(d) Intuitive.

4. What floor does the elevator stop on when Beatrice, Uriah, and the other Dauntless ride it in Chapter Seventeen?
(a) 88.
(b) 116.
(c) 126.
(d) 100.

5. Whom does Four pick first for his team in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Zeke.
(b) Beatrice.
(c) Christina.
(d) Uriah.

Short Answer Questions

1. Christina is afraid of what insect?

2. How does Tris overcome the birds in her fear landscape in Chapter Thirty?

3. How long has it been since Beatrice has seen Caleb in Chapter Twelve?

4. Who offers to let Tris sit on his lap as they await the fear landscape simulation in Chapter Twenty-Nine?

5. What is Robert's former fraction?

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