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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Urras punish Odo?

2. Who stops Shevek on his way out from the dining hall?

3. What is Shevek's mother's name?

4. Which illness does Shevek contract?

5. From which world is the language of Lotic?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the note in Shevek finds in his pocket change his view on Urras?

2. What line doe Shevek draw between the Urrasti and Anarresti pasts?

3. How does Shevek reflect the values on Anarres?

4. What does the man's hand, shot off at the end of the chapter, symbolize to Shevek?

5. What hope does Shevek and Ketho bring to the two planets?

6. How does Shevek realize that Tirrin's ideas were right?

7. Why have the two societies cut themselves off from each other?

8. Why is the return of the character Bedap important?

9. What importance does the phrase "working together" hold for Shevek?

10. Why does Shevek think he is selling his soul to Sabul?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What similarities do Le Guin's worlds have with our own world?

Essay Topic 2

The wall is an important metaphor in the story and means different things at different points.

1) What does the wall that surrounds the Port of Anarres symbolize?

2) What is the significance of the prison walls that surround Kadagv?

3) What is the link between the wall and Shevek's parents?

4) What do you think the overall meaning of the wall is?

Essay Topic 3

A major theme in the book is that different people have different ideas and at one point Shevek has an argument with Vea. How do their opinions differ? Why is it important that they come to a compromise?

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