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Short Answer Questions

1. How is the city different to other cities in which Shevek has lived?

2. What best describes Shevek's students?

3. What did Tirrin contend with Shevek about Urras?

4. What is the wall for?

5. Which area of science do the scientists debate?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does the demonstration wake up the rebels?

2. In what does Shevek now feel disorientated?

3. What does Takver's presence make Shevek realize?

4. How has Bedap's views changed since Shevek last met him?

5. In what way does Efor stoke Shevek's sense of failure?

6. How does living in Abbeney widen Shevek's limited experience?

7. How does Shevek's trip to the retail district of Nio Esseia poke holes in his belief that Urrasti society is all-providing?

8. What symbolizes the fact they may not be living in a truly free society?

9. In what does time again become an important factor at the end of the chapter?

10. How does the note in Shevek finds in his pocket change his view on Urras?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Shevek writes two papers in the novel.

1) Principles of Simultanely

2) General Temporal Theory

Describe each paper and discuss how Shevek's ideas have matured through the novel.

Essay Topic 2

During the book, there is a revolution in Benbil. What is the importance of revolution? Why do think it is more prevalent in some societies than others?

Essay Topic 3

The Anarres government tries its best to portray Urras in a negative light. What countries and groups do you think America presents in a negative light in:

1) The media

2) Education

What are the reasons for doing this? What effect does it have?

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