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Short Answer Questions

1. What planet is Shevek from?

2. Which city is the center of life and science on Anarres?

3. Who volunteers to spend time in the prison?

4. What is the name of Shevek's mother?

5. Which of his old friends does Shevek run into after the death of his teacher?

Short Essay Questions

1. What negative aspects of Anarrasti society does the meeting highlight?

2. How does Shevek cope with leaving behind the familiarity of his world?

3. Why it is important for Shevek and Takver not to "own each other"?

4. Why have the two societies cut themselves off from each other?

5. What does Shevek believe he is seeing?

6. In what way is Shevek finding it difficult to adjust to his surroundings?

7. In what way does Efor stoke Shevek's sense of failure?

8. What is the difference between Shevek and Tirn's view on why they are forbidden to interact with Urrasti?

9. How does Shevek reflect the values on Anarres?

10. How does Vea see Shevek's ideal society?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The wall is an important metaphor in the story and means different things at different points.

1) What does the wall that surrounds the Port of Anarres symbolize?

2) What is the significance of the prison walls that surround Kadagv?

3) What is the link between the wall and Shevek's parents?

4) What do you think the overall meaning of the wall is?

Essay Topic 2

Le Guin often talks negatively about Urras and its materialism. How true do you think Le Guin's negative representation of materialism is? What kind of society does materialism create?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss if you think the following statement is true. The adult Shevak learns that hope exists to end suffering.

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