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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Rulag abandon Shevek as a baby?

2. Where does Shevek have to go to study?

3. What are different about the pajamas the ship provides Shevek?

4. Where do the Anarresti ancestors come from?

5. What does Shevek decide the Anarres settlers did?

Short Essay Questions

1. What symbolizes the fact they may not be living in a truly free society?

2. What is the only way Shevek can achieve his mission?

3. What does Kvetur's imprisonment symbolize?

4. Why is it important the Hainishman leaves his ship to look around Anarres?

5. What do you think Shevek discoverd at the Terran Embassy?

6. Why is Anarres the key to Urras?

7. What does Shevek believe he is seeing?

8. What do you think the wall means in relation to the contact he has to make with Urras?

9. How does Shevek reflect the values on Anarres?

10. Why does Shevek not see his apparent freedom as a good thing?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Shevek's character.

1) What is his background?

2) What does he look like?

3) What are his motivations and objectives?

4) Why is he so important to the two worlds?

Essay Topic 2

Le Guin often talks negatively about Urras and its materialism. How true do you think Le Guin's negative representation of materialism is? What kind of society does materialism create?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, Arranes is often seen as a Utopia and Urranes as a Dystopia. What is a Utopia and what is a Dystopia? Do you think people have different ideas of what Dystopia and Utopia are?

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