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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rulag say when Shevek brings up the possibility of an Anarresti visiting Urras?
(a) Such a person put the whole world in danger
(b) Such a person would be unable to return
(c) Such a person for fall in love with Urras's consumerism.
(d) Such a person would be killed

2. Of what group is Tuio Maedda a member?
(a) The Odonian independent army
(b) The Odonian freedom fighters
(c) The quasi-Odonian resistance group
(d) The Anarres social group

3. Who does Efor take Shevek to meet?
(a) Keng
(b) Tuio Maedda
(c) Frank Davis
(d) Loell

4. Why is Shevek surprised at the poor living conditions he sees in Nio Esseia?
(a) He had previously thought it was a city of wealth
(b) He had never seen poverty
(c) It is a step away from an area of prosperity
(d) He was told there was no poverty in the country

5. With whom does Shevek try to strike up a conversation?
(a) Efor
(b) Vea
(c) Oiie
(d) Pae

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the rebels smuggle Shevek?

2. Where does Sadik stay?

3. Where does Efor take Shevek?

4. To where does Shevek travel to meet Takver?

5. What does one man think the real Odonians will do to someone who leaves to go to Urras?

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