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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Keng believe her planet will never be like Anarres
(a) Because they have outlived their hope for renewal
(b) Because they are lazy
(c) Because they don't have the money
(d) Because there are too many conflicting voices

2. Why is Shevek surprised at the poor living conditions he sees in Nio Esseia?
(a) He had never seen poverty
(b) He was told there was no poverty in the country
(c) He had previously thought it was a city of wealth
(d) It is a step away from an area of prosperity

3. On what country in Urras is a revolution taking place?
(a) Thu
(b) Abbeney
(c) Benbili
(d) Nio Esseia

4. Why is Shevek restricted to campus?
(a) Because they no longer trust him
(b) Because he is ill
(c) Because he has uncovered a top secret
(d) Because of the revolution

5. For what is Shevek fighting?
(a) To end oppression
(b) Peace
(c) To end poverty
(d) An end to Anarres' isolation

Short Answer Questions

1. What is located at Capital Square?

2. Who does Efor take Shevek to meet?

3. Why does Shevek think it would of been impossible for them to stay together?

4. What does the letter ask Shevek to do?

5. To where does Shevek temporarily escape?

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