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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What best describes Shevek's students?
(a) Male, lazy and disobedient
(b) Male, well-taught and obsessed with getting high marks
(c) Female, flirtatious and very attractive
(d) Male, materialistic and angry

2. What are different about the pajamas the ship provides Shevek?
(a) They have electric heating
(b) They are made of sheep's wool
(c) They are disposable
(d) They are invisible

3. Who tends to Shevek while he is aboard the ship?
(a) Terak
(b) The Ship's captain
(c) Dr Terra
(d) Dr. Kimoe

4. Which character writes the introduction to Shevek's paper?
(a) Dr. Atro
(b) Sabul
(c) Rulag
(d) Shevek

5. What are Shevek and his friends most interested in about Urras?
(a) Its women
(b) Its political system
(c) Its prisons
(d) Its mathematic formulas

Short Answer Questions

1. From which world is the language of Lotic?

2. Why did Rulag abandon Shevek as a baby?

3. How do Shevek and Bedap put an end to their arguing?

4. Why did Tirin have to spend time in the asylum?

5. Which illness does Shevek contract?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Shevek believe he is seeing?

2. What do you think the wall symbolizes in this chapter?

3. What importance does the phrase "working together" hold for Shevek?

4. In what way does Efor stoke Shevek's sense of failure?

5. What does the man's hand, shot off at the end of the chapter, symbolize to Shevek?

6. In what way is Shevek finding it difficult to adjust to his surroundings?

7. Why is the return of the character Bedap important?

8. What is the difference between Shevek and Tirn's view on why they are forbidden to interact with Urrasti?

9. Why do you think the citizens of Anarres do not climb the wall?

10. For what is Shevek really fighting?

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