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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Shevek want to give his theory?
(a) The Urastis
(b) The Anarastis
(c) The Terrans
(d) Keng

2. What disaster happens when Shevek arrives in Chakar?
(a) A Tsunami
(b) A hurricaine
(c) An earthquake
(d) A bomb hits the city

3. Why does Keng say Urras is a paradise?
(a) Because her own society has ruined its planet
(b) Because there is no poverty
(c) Because they allow you to become rich
(d) Because the weather is always nice

4. What does one man think the real Odonians will do to someone who leaves to go to Urras?
(a) Imprison them
(b) Worship them
(c) Put them on trial
(d) Exact violence on them

5. Why is Shevek restricted to campus?
(a) Because he has uncovered a top secret
(b) Because they no longer trust him
(c) Because of the revolution
(d) Because he is ill

6. What do the authorities ration in the winter?
(a) Meat
(b) Butter
(c) Sugar
(d) Water

7. Where do the resistance group hold a rally?
(a) The city airport
(b) Capital Square
(c) Parliament Square
(d) Peace Square

8. Which world does Keng say is key to Urras?
(a) Earth
(b) Terran
(c) Hain
(d) Anarres

9. Why does Shevek think that they have fewer choices?
(a) Society is encouraging violence
(b) Society is becoming more bureaucratic
(c) Authorities are oppressing new ideas
(d) Shops and schools are closing down

10. Where does Sadik stay?
(a) In a children's dormitory
(b) In a friend's apartment
(c) In a nursery
(d) In a hospital

11. Where does Efor take Shevek?
(a) The slum section of Thu
(b) The slum section of Nio Esseia
(c) His church
(d) His house

12. What does Shevek do while waiting for Takver to finish her posting?
(a) Begins to organize a revolution
(b) Spends time with Sadik
(c) Writes a scientific paper
(d) Watches films

13. Of what group is Tuio Maedda a member?
(a) The Odonian independent army
(b) The quasi-Odonian resistance group
(c) The Odonian freedom fighters
(d) The Anarres social group

14. What does Keng say she will help Shevek in exchange for his theory?
(a) Get home
(b) Finance their revolution
(c) Meet the Terran leaders
(d) Fight the Urrastis

15. Where is Oiie's family located?
(a) Terra
(b) Nio Esseia
(c) Losti
(d) Thu

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the letter ask Shevek to do?

2. Why does Oiie think it is dangerous if Shevek is seen by a member of the working classes?

3. On what country in Urras is a revolution taking place?

4. Which group of people turn on Shevek when he goes to talk to them about his views?

5. Why does Keng believe her planet will never be like Anarres

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