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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Shevek try to strike up a conversation with his servant?
(a) He wants to make some genuine friends
(b) He wants to practise his Urrasti
(c) He needs money
(d) He wants to talk to a poor person

2. Where do the rebels smuggle Shevek?
(a) Abbeny
(b) Thu
(c) The Hainish embassy
(d) The Terran Embassy

3. What does Takver convince Shevek to do to get his paper published?
(a) Sleep with Sabul
(b) Bribe the authorities
(c) Let Sabul put his name to it
(d) Reword it

4. Who tells Shevek he is restricted to campus?
(a) Pae
(b) Efor
(c) Sabul
(d) Vea

5. What time of year does Takver give birth to her daughter?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Winter
(d) Autumn

6. With whose family does Shevek spend a week?
(a) Oiie's
(b) Pae's
(c) Sabul's
(d) Efor's

7. Why does Keng say Urras is a paradise?
(a) Because her own society has ruined its planet
(b) Because they allow you to become rich
(c) Because there is no poverty
(d) Because the weather is always nice

8. To where does Shevek temporarily escape?
(a) Nio Esseia
(b) Benbili
(c) Anarres
(d) Thu

9. Why does Shevek think that they have fewer choices?
(a) Society is becoming more bureaucratic
(b) Authorities are oppressing new ideas
(c) Society is encouraging violence
(d) Shops and schools are closing down

10. Of what group is Tuio Maedda a member?
(a) The Anarres social group
(b) The Odonian independent army
(c) The Odonian freedom fighters
(d) The quasi-Odonian resistance group

11. What is the name of Shevak's partner?
(a) Tekvar
(b) Pae
(c) Rulag
(d) Tirin

12. What emergency job do the authorities give Shevek?
(a) A ship builder
(b) A porter
(c) A nurse
(d) Grain planter

13. Why did Tirin go mad?
(a) Because his daughter passed away
(b) Because his family died in the drought
(c) Because his play was censored
(d) Because he broke up from his wife

14. What did seeing Tirin make Shevek realize?
(a) That he is not crazy
(b) That he has isolated himself for too long
(c) What few choices they have
(d) That he loves Takver

15. What do Bedap and Shevek start to implement?
(a) The Principles of Anarchy
(b) A revolution
(c) The Syndicate of Intiative
(d) Democracy

Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Shevek travel to meet Takver?

2. What does Shevek find in his pocket?

3. What name do Takver and Shevek give their daughter?

4. Where is Oiie's family located?

5. What does Rulag say when Shevek brings up the possibility of an Anarresti visiting Urras?

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