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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of people normally have to spend time on the Segvina Island?
(a) Murderers and rapists
(b) Mentally ill people
(c) Corrupt politicians
(d) Scientists

2. Which area of science do the scientists debate?
(a) Politics
(b) Chemistry
(c) Biology
(d) Physics

3. What does Dr. Atro give Shevek as a present?
(a) A gold statue
(b) A rare coin
(c) A bracelet
(d) A rare science book

4. How do the professors at the school stop themselves from being distracted?
(a) They only leave their offices for lessons
(b) The never socialize
(c) They all live at the school
(d) They communicate only through letters

5. What does Desar's visit make Sabul realize?
(a) He is a great scientist
(b) He must be more socialable
(c) He has to go to Urras
(d) He has a lot to live for

6. What are Shevek and his friends most interested in about Urras?
(a) Its mathematic formulas
(b) Its women
(c) Its prisons
(d) Its political system

7. What does Shevek do after leaving the infirmary?
(a) Secures a position on Urras
(b) Socialize
(c) Works twice as hard
(d) Gets married

8. What does Shevek find does not exist in Urras to the degree he thought it did?
(a) Divorce
(b) Infidelity
(c) Waste and poverty
(d) Love and understanding

9. What kind of living quarters does the institute provide for Shevek
(a) A hotel suite
(b) A studio apartment
(c) A 4 bedroom apartment
(d) A single room in a dormitory

10. What is the name of Shevek's father?
(a) Mitis
(b) Palat
(c) Kadagv
(d) Thomas

11. Why does Sabul become angry with Shevek?
(a) He has given away secrets
(b) He refuses to help him with his work
(c) Because he proposes to publish his paper on Anarres
(d) He sends his paper to Dr. Atro

12. Which character visits Shevek in the infirmary?
(a) Tirrin
(b) Desar
(c) Sabul
(d) Patak

13. Who is waiting for Shevek when he arrives in Urras?
(a) The Urras King
(b) Nobody
(c) The Urras President
(d) A crowd of people including journalist and photographers

14. Which character does Bedap say has spent time on Segvina Island Asylum?
(a) Gvarab
(b) Patak
(c) Tirin
(d) Tvorak

15. Which illness does Shevek contract?
(a) Pneumonia
(b) Chicken pox
(c) The flu
(d) The measles

Short Answer Questions

1. To where is Shevek traveling?

2. What is Shevek accused of when he tells a joke in physics class?

3. Who stops Shevek on his way out from the dining hall?

4. Why is Shevek surprised that the scientists on Anarres correspond with Urrasti scientists?

5. Why does Dr. Kimoe throw Shevek's pajamas in the trash?

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