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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who volunteers to spend time in the prison?
(a) Rulag
(b) Shevek
(c) Palat
(d) Kadagv

2. What is the name of Shevek's mother?
(a) Helena
(b) Mara
(c) Rulag
(d) Daisy

3. What are Shevek and his friends most interested in about Urras?
(a) Its political system
(b) Its mathematic formulas
(c) Its prisons
(d) Its women

4. What is the name given to Urras culture?
(a) Urrasti
(b) Urranese
(c) Urranasti
(d) Urrantiki

5. Where do the Anarresti ancestors come from?
(a) Urras
(b) Pluto
(c) Terra
(d) Earth

Short Answer Questions

1. Which friend's conversation does Shevek recall?

2. What did Tirrin contend with Shevek about Urras?

3. What do the scientists think Shevek is looking for when he asks where all the women are?

4. What does Dr. Atro give Shevek as a present?

5. Who is waiting for Shevek when he arrives in Urras?

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