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Anarres - The mostly desert planet on which the main character, Shevek, and his Utopian society live.

Urras - The Earth-like planet from which the Anarresti's ancestors came.

Port of Anarres - The place where Shevek boards a ship to Urras.

A-Io - It is the home of Ieu Eun University, where Shevek works and teaches.

Nio Esseia - The capital of A-Io, this is a huge city full of commerce, government buildings, and culture.

Ieu Eun University - The institution that brings Shevek to Urras.

Abbeney - Shevek lives there with his partner, Takver, and their children prior to leaving for Anarres.

Ne Thera Mountains - This is the mountain range Shevek goes hiking in with Bedap.

Dormitory - This place is an important part of Anarresti life because it helps children adjust to communal living and keeps them from becoming attached to their families...

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