The Dispossessed Character Descriptions

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Shevek - He is a temporal physicist, which means that he studies time, on Anarres and is devoted to the ideology on which his society was founded.

Takver - She is supportive of Shevek's plans to make Anarres a better place and of his decision to go to Urras.

Bedap - He insists that there is a power structure at work that is robbing them of their freedom.

Sadik - She suffers socially when the other children abuse her because of Shevek's unpopular ideas about communicating with the Urrasti.

Pilun - She is one year old when Shevek goes to Urras.

Sabul - He is a poor scientist who long ago stopped producing any new ideas but keeps himself at the top by taking credit for others' work.

Rulag - She puts her duty to society above her family responsibilities, as is the Odonian way, but...

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