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Chapter 1

• A Urras ship arrives on the planet Anarres to pick up the scientist Shevek.

• A crowd has gathered at the port; as soon as they see Shevek, they start hurling things at him.

• Shevek watches as they take off, leaving behind the world he knows.

• During the ten-day voyage to Urras, Shevek meets the Urrasti, Dr. Kimoe. Kimoe handles his vaccinations and attends to him during his quarantine.

• Shevek is greeted by journalists, photographers, diplomats, and scores of other people curious to see "the alien."

• Shevek is struck by the "splendor" of the Urrasti people he is to live with during his time on the planet.

Chapter 2

• In a nursery on Anarres, Palat visits his son, Shevek. Palat says Shevek has to live there full-time.

• Young Shevek and his friends are curious about the ways of Urras and discuss the way their elders keep knowledge of Urras...

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