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Short Answer Questions

1. When does the Tet Offensive begin?

2. When does Herr finally take up a weapon?

3. Why does the young marine not show any mirth in his smile?

4. What type of transport is the young marine awaiting?

5. President Johnson's comment about Khe Sanh is considered what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the effects of fatigue on the soldiers.

2. Describe Herr's first encounter with the Marines and how that affects Herr.

3. What do the soldiers expect to find at Hue? What are they greeted with? How does the battle turn out?

4. What timeframe is Herr writing during? Is there any significance to the fact that he is writing at this time?

5. Describe the battle for the Citadel in Hue.

6. Who are the Montagnards and what role do they play in the Vietnam War?

7. Describe China Beach and what soldiers do there.

8. Who is the Khe Sanh press secretary and what is his role in the Khe Sanh siege?

9. Why do you think the chaplain lies to the soldier whose legs have been blown off?

10. Discuss the story about the soldier who is rewarded for killing more enemy and rescuing more prisoners than he actually did.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the various reactions of soldiers and correspondents to the mountains of death they encounter each day. Why do some soldiers react with arousal while others are repulsed? How do the soldiers learn to cope with what they are ordered to do and what happens to them? How do students suppose that the soldiers overcome what they witness or perform during the war? Discuss the increase instances of post-traumatic stress disorder and how the American people reacted to veterans with flashbacks?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the actions of the war correspondents in Vietnam. Are the correspondents always professional? Why do they take unnecessary risks? What type of reports do they send back to the States? What governing body edits the reports written in the field? Are all the reporters in Vietnam actual war correspondents?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how exhaustion and frustration with the war affect the soldiers. What do the soldiers do that costs some of them their lives? What has their time in country done to their belief in the war and in the odds of survival?

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